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Courses are offered through the Department of Community Health Sciences and can be taken as a specialization in emergency public health. The specialization in the area of public health and disasters explores the adverse effects of disasters and the public health and emergency management principles that can be applied to reduce those effects. Students wishing to pursue this specialization are required to complete four courses through CPHD and participate in a disaster-related research project or relevant field internship.  A letter of specialization will be given to those students who have successfully completed the required courses and internship.

To see tentative course offerings, visit the CHS website

Classes are also available to interested professionals through UCLA Extension. By making these courses available to front-line disaster practitioners through University Extension, MPH students who have a strong theoretical and research background are brought together with individuals who are skilled and experienced in disaster management.

To see a complete listing of courses and current course offerings, visit the Registrar's General Catalogue.

For those working professionals, the Department of Community Health Sciences offers an Executive-Style Master of Public Health Program in Health Promotion & Education.

The Master of Public Health for Health Professionals (MPH I HP) Program provides advanced executive-style training in community health, health education, and health promotion for professionals who seek enhanced skills in program planning, implementation, and evaluation. It’s dynamic, intensive, and team-based learning is specifically designed to accommodate the working professional. For more information about this program, please contact: