Abdelmonem A. Afifi

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Dean Emeritus, UCLA School of Public Health, Professor of Biostatistics & Biomathematics
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Contact Information
Room 51-239C CHS Department of Biostatistics
Areas of Interest: 

My methodological research centers largely around multivariate statistical data analysis. Much of my research effort was spent on studying the properties of various methods of handling missing observations in regression and discriminant analysis. Later, I did research on a number of other topics including variable selection in multivariate analysis and multiple confidence intervals in linear models and survival analysis. In health research, I concentrated in my early career on developing computer-based prognostic indices for critically-ill patients. I relied mostly on discriminant function analysis; that work was a forerunner of what was later to be called logistic regression. Other areas included psychology, clinical trials, and risk factors for lung and heart diseases. I also co-authored 2 books (with multiple editions) on multivariate analysis and a CD-ROM to serve as an electronic companion to Biostatistics. Recently, I have been interested in meta-analysis and in the health effects of electromagnetic fields. In addition to these, my current research areas include injury prevention, health services research, multi-level models, and risk factor analysis.

Selected Courses: 
Biostat 406 Applied Multivariate Biostatistics
PhD Statistics (1965) University of California, Berkeley
MS Statistics (1962) University of Chicago, Illinois
BS Mathematics (1959) Cairo University, Egypt